We do all types of work related to energy efficiency, since changes LED lighting in new facilities or integral improvements, air conditioning, plumbing, electricity, solar thermal and photovoltaic, cogeneration / trigeneration, biomass, etc.

We do projects from start to finish, from the initial planning and engineering project needed to maintenance for ensure the best performance and operation of the facilities or machineries.



Efienergy Projects was created in 2012 with professionals with over 10 years experience, the company began to walk with only six employees but today we are already more than 17 employees and several external collaborators great experience and prestige.


About us

Our concern is to carry out work with the best quality possible to generate the greatest benefit for our client.

We Strive to Achieve excellence in all of our processes to be Able to offer our customers the best products and service more convenient and flexible for any project.



  • Quality: The purchasing department is responsible for studying the materials we sell of our suppliers.
  • Legality: The administration department keeps us abreast of the changes in the regulations for ensure compliance.
  • Saving: The marketing department aims to save energy for the customer, which leads to savings viable for any improvement in your facility.



Reaching the three above objectives can guarantee customer satisfaction at the end of the project we have in common.